Examples of floating Nitzschia sigmoidea

The lengths of the observed Nitzschia sigmoidea ranged from 180 µm to 380 µm.


Locality: Aichstruter Stausee (48°54'06.6"N 9°38'25.2"E)
Found in April 2015

Time-lapse factor: 4 (i.e. four times faster than real time), dark field


Locality: creek Lein (48°53'04.6"N 9°38'29.2"E)
Found in August 2015

Time-lapse factor: 20, dark field


Time-lapse factor: 10, dark field


Locality: pond in Hohenheim (Stuttgart) (48°42'34.0"N 9°12'29.1"E)

Found in November 2016

Time-lapse factor: 24, bright field


Time-lapse factor: 10, bright field


Time-lapse factor: 4, PlasDIC


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